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Project Description
The purpose of this webpart is to provide a way for SharePoint administrators to embed a "Contact Us" form inside a SharePoint v3 web site (WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007) or SharePoint 2010 site (SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation). You can see it live on RL Soft web site at

The default look and feel of the web part is the following, but it can be slightly customized as the web part is developed as a user control embedded in a AJAX SmartPart (see ).

Contact Us Web Part

By default, this webpart sends an email to a configurable recipient address. It is also AJAX-based to avoid a page refresh once the form is submitted or if a field is missing.

Last but not least, the webpart has been built with internationalization in mind and currently supports English (by default) and French.

For more information on this webpart and to download the documentation, please visit

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